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Emma Pooley and friends to AA Drink - And it's about time too

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We've been waiting for news of this for a month or so, but today Wielerland seems to have official confirmation that Emma Pooley will be riding for AA Drink - in 2012. And she's not coming alone, nor merely bringing the British contingent with her; no less than six ex Garmin-Cervelo will be lining up in that green, blue and yellow strip next year (is it too late for a "bring back the pink" grassroots campaign?), that's Emma herself, Lizzie Armitstead, Lucy Martin, Sharon Laws, Jessie Daams and Carla Ryan. No mention yet of where Alexis Rhodes will go, but as Wielerland suggest that Emma wanted to look after her old teammates, she's probably got somewhere sorted.

That looks to be the last big transfer news of this off season, but little snippets have been drifting in over the past weeks, and I've been doing my best to keep my transfer thread up to date. Check it out if you think you've missed something on the way (or if you see that I've missed something), and roll on VDS 2012.