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Fidea Cyclocross Classic: Leuven.... LIVE!!

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Friday 30th December 2011, 15:00 CET; 14:00 GMT; 09:00 US Eastern

It's the final standalone race in the Fidea Classics series - and since we've already had two big races this week, and a GVA race (GP Sven Nys!) on New Year's Day, this one is probably the best chance for some of the second-rank riders to get a win - especially with Niels Albert sick, and Zdenek Stybar and Kevin Pauwels not racing. So it'll be Sven Nys against Lars Boom - and look at the parcours with all those long, straight sections! EDIT! And it's Lars Boom's birthday today! Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Lars!

EDIT AGAIN! Well it didn't quite turn out like that! But there'll be videos here if you want to see what DID happen!


Here's the startlist, here's the website, and it's live on, with more streams via cyclingfans, procycling and sports-livez, and as always, chat in the comments, and and videos & photos added to the bottom of the comments, once they're up, too!