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RadioShack Nissan Trek 2012 Roster Announced

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The newly merged RadioShack Nissan Trek team announced its roster for the 2012 season today. The team has thirty riders and Johan Bruyneel will serve as the team manager. Andy Schleck and Fränk Schleck lead the RadioShack Nissan Trek stage racing team, while Fabian Cancellara leads the classics charge. The team includes a pair of fan favorites in Jens Voigt and Chris Horner. The 2010 and 2011 U.S. national champions, Ben King and Matt Busche, are also part of the new team.

Press release quote! Andy Schleck said:

"When the new management structure was announced, I was a bit unsure of all the changes. But after talking with Johan and really understanding his philosophy, it’s very clear that having him lead this team is in my best interests, as well as in those of the team. He’ll help me build upon my strengths and improve my weak areas. In addition to that, I don’t think anyone understands race strategies and tactics better than Johan. Adding that to the work I’ve been doing with Kim Andersen makes me believe that I’ll have the best opportunity yet to stand on the highest podium spot."

Want to see the full roster? Click on over to the website.