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PdC Kit Shipping Update!

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Good news -- if you ordered a Podium Cafe kit you're probably going to receive it this week! I know, it seems like it takes these things forever, but the reality is that it took about five weeks to make minimums, and there's about 45 separate steps between us saying "want a kit?" to one showing up at your house. So here's some final deets:

  • Domestic shipments are starting today. If you did a regular Google order to a US address, you absolutely should receive it by the weekend.
  • International orders should ship by Wednesday. There aren't many and I intended to do them first, given the longer shipping time, but Google Checkout doesn't show me all the info I need, and my laptop was stolen this past week, so it was quicker to deal with the US orders and ask Sui Juris to send me the int'l order info I need. In any case, look for them to arrive in 1-2 weeks, assuming a week or so of transit time. Might be more like 5 days, but don't quote me.
  • Next up are friends and family orders, i.e. not through Google, and prizes! At long last, we have everything in hand. I will have all that out by the weekend, possibly sooner, depending on whether I have the addresses of every recipient.

Missed out on ordering? We will have a couple random items in stock (XL bibs!), although most of the extras are ticketed for the prize box. But! We have plenty o' tee shirts in all sizes! With the holidays approaching and with my shipping system stocked with printer ink and blank labels, now is a great time to put in an order! The original price of $20 each included shipping, but if you buy more than one, I'll take off $5 from each extra one (i.e. two for $35, 3 for $50, etc.). Email me: Chris[at]

Thanks for your patience guys. And I look forward to getting back to writing Offseason Capsules. I have a half-baked Katusha report in my head already...