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Housekeeping: Fresh Meat! And Manna From Heaven, or Seattle

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Just a couple quick notes... on the kit shipping, everything that went through a standard order (via Google checkout) has gone out. If you ordered this way and haven't gotten an email notification, contact me. Some will start arriving as soon as today; others, esp. Europe, as late as end of next week. [Canada supposedly takes six to ten business days, but I could float a package to BC faster than that.] Please make sure everything is correct and contact me at chris[at] if it isn't, or if you don't see something in two weeks. Don't email back to the notification if you want my immediate attention. Thanks!

Also, who's that Douglas guy on the front page? You may have figured out already, that's dansel, now employing his full name, and now officially coming on board as our third formal staffer. Douglas will cover a wide variety of stuff; it's really just a matter of three people being better than two right now, as opposed to having him take over one specific area. Anyway, Jen and I are very, very, very pleased to welcome Douglas to the team!