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Emma J and Hitec Products UCK Go to Camp

Hitec Producs UCK Women's team

Emma Johansson's new team, Hitec Products UCK, spent the last ten days at training camp in the Canary Islands. They road their bikes a bit. From the press release:

On sunday we had the 'trip from hell' when the girls rode around Grand Canaria and then through the mountains, a trip of 8,5 hours, 220 km and 4300 height meters.

Martin was satisfied with the results and is confident before the racing starts in the end of the month, after one week rest the girls gather again on the cobblestones of rainy and windy Belgium.

The new team will start the season at the women's Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Check back next week for an interview with Emma Johansson about the new team and her plans for the season.

Update! The smiley girl is 19 year old Emilie Moberg. Apparently, she is always happy like that.