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The Week in Colors

Last week was very colorful.

Orange bike Pink Sherbert: Gavia interviewed Heinrich Haussler. Allegedly, she wore pink.

Red: Red like blood. Kids, don't leave the blood bags in the refrigerator.

Burnt Sienna: There was sand. Mark Renshaw won the overall at the Tour of Qatar, while Heinrich Haussler opened his season with two stage wins. Bennati pretty much owned second place.

Grey: Roses are red, cobbles are grey. And we got start list.

Yellow: Like the sun. Vacansoleil, hoping for a bright season.

Blonde: Emma Johansson and her team mates at Hitec Products held a training camp. Emilie Moberg looks pretty happy about the whole thing.

Orange: No, silly, it's not the alert level, it's the new Podium Cafe colors.

Pink Flamingo: Milano-Sanremo, where will it finish this time?

Cerulean: Okay, this color has nothing to do with anything. It just sounded cool. We're counting down to the deadline for this year's virtual DS game. Women's game closes 23 February. Men's game closes 25 February.

Aquamarine: David Moncoutié won on Mont Faron this weekend. He also took the overall at the Tour de Med. Did I write anything about the Tour de Med last week? No, Gav, you slacker, you did not. It was very French. Romain Feillu won two stages, Thomas Voeckler won a stage, and Moncoutié won Mont Faron and the overall. The Mediterranéan, she is very blue.

And that, my friends, was the week. Happy Monday!