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VDS Reminder: Ten Day Warning!

Virtual-ds-2_mediumHey kids, it's February 14 as you may have heard. You may have also heard that there is a deadline fast approaching: February 25, 9pm Pacific time, a/k/a Midnight eastern on the 26th. But people get confused about concepts like midnight -- is it at the start of the day or the end? OK, I get confused. So let's think of it as the 25th, 9pm, next Friday. Or for you Australians, I think the deadline just passed. Not sure how that international dateline thing works. Anyway, here's your ten day warning to get cracking. Sure, there are eleven days left, but don't wait til the last minute!

[And if you're not sure what we're talking about, how is it you've read this far into the post? Regardless, your diligence is rewarded withthis link! Where all will become clear.]

Anyway, how's it coming along? De Klokke Roelands are one firing away from completion, and all I will admit to is, it has something to do with recent results. I know, shameful, violating my own code about ignoring winter races. Optimism's a bitch. Anyway, I will be a classics force. Even if I have to change the rules.

I can't see it now, but whoever originally named their team "I Picked You Why?", you're my team name preliminary winner (actual winner to be announced later, and I might accept the tainted meat defense and change my decision). OK, others? Having fun yet? Caught in conundrums? Dying to hit "submit"?