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How's Your WVDS Team Coming?

Full confession: mine, not so good. I have made the Threshold Decision -- to Vos, or not to Vos. And ... I will not Vos. I've never liked top-heavy teams, and Vos is the "heaviest" rider in VDS history by a factor of more than two. So I will run that gauntlet, hoping that my plan to dispatch Frinking to romance her the night before the Women's Ronde succeeds in distracting her throughout the Classics season.

Beyond that, well, I just don't know enough. Which is why we have Pigeons, and her wealth of informative posts up and down the women's scene. This is merely one example. At least I know where to go to do my homework.

Remember, the first race is three days before the men's opening event, the Omloop. So the deadline is February 23, a week from tomorrow. That and other key distinctions, like how to file your team in a totally different place than the men's VDS, are found here. It's not quite time... but it's getting close.

Photo by Scott Barbour, Getty Images Sport