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REPOSTED! Women's VDS Under 24-Hour Reminder!!


OK people. The time for dawdling is soon over. The deadline for the most prestigious Virtual Director Sportif competition of them all/both is coming up. We need your entry by Wednesday, February 23, Noon US Pacific time if you are to have a chance to be the first ever winner. 

Now even if you think you don't know enough to make a winning team that shouldn't stop you, I promise you are not alone thinking that. Just go with the names you know and if you need any help filling out your roster there are a myriad of tips in Pigeon's excellent Top Trumps-series, Bada bing, you have a killer team.  What kind of rider would you be interested in?:

Superstars , National Champions , Bloggers , Sprinters , World ChampsClimbersItaliansDutchiesAussies , Pigeon's Favs , Youngsters , crossers and Even More Dutchies

So wait no longer. If you want the full info on the rules and how the game is played you can find it in the original introduction. If you are ready to play download the WVDS Entry Spreadsheet 06 . Just fill it out and mail it to : Good luck!