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Video! Women's Road World Cup 2010!

Look!  It's a half-an-hour video of clips of the nine races that made up the 2010 Road World Cup!

Why should you watch it?  Well, it's got Classics, cobbles, climbing, attacking, rain, wind, more attacking, and really great riders!  Plus, you're making a wvds team, right?  This could drive you insane with doubt about who to choose help you with your picks.  And if you click through and watch it on youtube, it'll get hits, and then the UCI might realise we WANT to see women's racing and show us more!

(If you want more on last year's Road World Cup, you can see more little videos & stuff in my 2010 round up -  part 1 and part 2 - and of course, Monty's race previews are full of fabulosity always!)

There's still time to enter the women's fantasy team game!  Check out the rules, and the update!