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Trouble Brewing Over Radios Saturday?

Talk of a showdown between the UCI and riders has been murmured regarding the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Rabobank has said they will show up with radios, in defiance of the UCI's radio ban. BMC announced yesterday that while they are in favor of radios, they don't intend to join the showdown and will leave them on the bus. The UCI is threatening to pull its support for the race, which has the potential to stop the race because it would remove insurance backing. The possibilities then range from no race at all (urge to kill rising) to an unrecognized race.

Personally I'm not anxious to have another debate over the rule, which has split opinion down the middle everywhere except in the peloton, who want radios. The UCI's inability to convince the riders to accept the rule during four months of winter is yet another exhibit in the argument that they are the worst organization in the world. However, this story may develop more over the next 24 hours, and for most of the day I will be indisposed, skiing with DS Little Bear. So please update this post with anything you hear today.