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Omloop On, Radios Off

The teams organization (AICGP) met today and agreed that they would not challenge the UCI radio ban during Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. The race will go on, and the riders will compete without radios. Apparently, the decision came down to an issue of insurance and a refusal of the race commissaires to serve if the riders broke the radio rules. Jonathan Vaughters explained the decision:

The majority of teams (18-2) and riders would like to continue using radios. However, we won't ruin monuments of sport to make our point.

No doubt more to come on this issue in coming weeks. There's apparently a press release forthcoming from the teams organization. Oh, and the two teams? I'd bet Français des Jeux and Omega-Lotto. Now, how about that weather?

Slightly related: Lionel Birnie spent a day in the team car with HTC-Columbia in 2009 and wrote about it. Whatever you think of radios, man, that's some writing right there.