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Saturday Results Thread: Langeveld Outslings Arrow!


Sebastian Langeveld of Rabobank scored the biggest win of his career today, by a centimeter or two, over a hard-charging defending champ Juan Antonio Flecha at the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Langeveld went on a long solo breakaway with over 40km to race, and while Flecha chased him down powerfully after emerging alone from a disorganized chase effort, Langeveld recovered enough to battle through a difficult, slightly uphill sprint for the narrow win over his former teammate.

Emma Johansson won the Women's Omloop for the second year in a row in a bunch sprint. Alona Andruk won stage 5 in the Tour of New Zealand, while Judith Arndt came in eighth, 35" back, to hold on to the overall GC win. [Yes, it's Sunday in NZ, race is over.] Click on links below for more results.

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

  1. Sebastian Langeveld, Rabobank
  2. Juan Antonio Flecha, Sky, s.t.
  3. Matthew Hayman, Sky, at ?

Women's Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

  1. Emma Johansson, Hitec UCK
  2. Andrea Bosman, WV Eemland, s.t.
  3. Chantal Blank, AA Drink, s.t.

GP Dell'Insubria

  1. Giovanni Visconti, FAR
  2. Jure Kocjan, FAR
  3. Rinaldo Nocentini, AG2R

Women's Tour of New Zealand, Final GC

  1. Judith Arndt, HTC
  2. Catherine Cheatley, NZL, at 0.04
  3. Ruth Corset, AUS AIS, at 0.12