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More Flanders Classics Routes!

Thanks again to Wielerland, who beat pretty much everyone to the punch with these. I'll do this in brief, since I'm not quite ready to parse out all the details

* Gent-Wevelgem: the tinkering continues. They've added one more climb, repeated twice, so the tally is up to 18. But I'm not entirely sure what this even means. Last year the scuttlebutt was that they'd made GW into a climbers' race, but while it was selective it wasn't by much. Also, the cluster of climbs is in such a short distance that I'm not entirely sold on how they count. More significantly, though, is that after backing down last year it appears the organizers are making good on their threat to push the distance out past 230km.

* Dwars door Vlaanderen: Climbs are juggled a bit but the big names and distances remain the same.

* Scheldeprijs: No great changes.

* Brabantse Pijl: Thirty climbs... I am having trouble locating a 2010 map, so I'm not too sure how this compares.

They also have info on the big women's races, but those deserve their own posting.