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Tour of Qatar Prologue ....... LIVE

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Vuelta-live_mediumWords can not describe how good it feels to finally post the first real-ish livethread of the 2011 season. Yes, we had that semi-secret Grand Tour Down under but this is the first race that will be available worldwide.  As usual Qatar will be a playground for the sprinters but perhaps even more importantly, this is where the Heroes of the Cobbles start honing their skills and building for what will be a grand climax in Belgium in April.

Stage start at 11:45 CET (05:45 US EST, 21:45 AUS EDT)

Live video: 12:50 CET (06:50 US EST, 22:50 AUS EDT) /Thanks Um

Look for links at , steephillcyclingfansMyp2pProcyclinglive and BVLS.  

Official site , Startlist