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Qatar: Big Names Converge on the Desert

Qatar_mediumAh, winter racing.... hey, there's stuff to like about the Tour of Qatar. You know every stage is going to end in a sprint, and there are boatloads of sprinters. Boonen and Cav are the headliners, but there's a pretty awesome list of guys who might be a little more motivated: Chicchi, Benna, Grega Bole, Graeme Brown or Theo Bos, Michael Van Staeyen... and one Heinrich Haussler. OK, Haussler is probably too smart to hit any stretch of form this early, but hey, someone has to win, and after last year's downers he could be Mr. Motivated. CN has a full startlist.

Oh, and today's stage is a prologue, with Fabian Cancellara on hand. Not that I plan to get up at 3am to watch, but the subsequent stages should be more watchable. Oh, and the camel pictures. Love those. Enjoy! Jens will be by with live threads all week.