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What We Learned: Jan 31- Feb 6

Last week was very educational. Maybe even too educational:

We learned that Floyd Landis had a lot to say to Paul Kimmage about his and cycling's dark secrets. Lance was again a primary villain, but so too was the UCI in Landis' seven-hour long chat. Pat McQuaid's reaction was no less alarming.

On to happier subjects, we kicked off not one but two of the world's greatest competitions... the Fourth Annual Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif and the First-Ever Women's Virtual Directeur Sportif! Both of them are guaranteed to make your cycling fanhood 127% better this season, or your money back.

We learned quite a bit about BMC's top riders, straight from the source, DS John Lelangue. We also checked in on Katusha, in our latest Team Capsule. Plus some other minor matters, like, oh, the 2011 TOUR OF FLANDERS ROUTE!! And some other Classics courses.

Then we found out how much it costs for the privilege of putting on a major American stage race for a day. We also heard about Mile-a-Minute Murphy, the world's fastest man back in the day.

And then there were the results:

Oh, and the fun won't be stopping anytime soon...