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Support Your Cafe!

Ah, yes, my annual spring fund drive. Each year I ask people to consider kicking in a couple bucks to support a few items of mutual interest. The biggest one is prizes for the Virtual Directeur Sportif, which have grown in awesomeness along with the site. Last year's winner got a full Podium Cafe Capo kit; second and third prizes got jerseys and accessories. This year we plan to keep the awesomeness going, but at some point we will need an infusion of clothing to cover the full VSD prize slate as well as the new WVDS comp.

Another way we use your donations is to give nice things (a la the VDS prizes) to the people who make things happen around here. It's not really a substitute for salaries, but it is a way of saying thanks. Then, finally, we use donations to cover some minor operational costs that crop up during the year, like microcassette recorders and phone bills for calling riders in Spain. You'd be surprised at how low those costs are -- SBN covers the basic matters -- but in the interest of full disclosure, we do pick up some stuff.

How Can I Help?

That's the easy part: making a paypal donation to If you would like to make a donation through another method, email me at the same address. Again, every little bit helps.

Thank you so much!!