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Tejay van Garderen is currently racing Paris-Nice. His first Twitter update after today's stage:

@LeviLeipheimer thanks for the Snickers today dude!

True story! In grad school when I had no money... Wait, is that redundant? I think that's redundant. Anyway, I used to buy Snickers bars because they're like way cheaper than Power Bars. Also, they taste way better.

In other news, Andreas Klöden won today's stage in a slow-mo sprint. Samuel Sánchez was second. Apparently, Sánchez, sprinting against Klödi, thought he had all the time in the world. But he didn't. So he got second. Klödi had a nice assist from Jani Brajkovic, though I'm not super sure how much draft the tall German really received in that arrangement. Tony Martin was also in the break today, which sets the HTC-Highroad rider up nicely for tomorrow's crono. Full results, if you want 'em. Fun fact! Klöden last won Paris-Nice eleven years ago.