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Double Short Decaf Macchiato, Per Favore

This is probably the second-to-last Ricardo Ricco update in the history of the Podium Cafe. The disgraced Italian climber tells an ambitious Gazzetta reporter that he is done with cycling for good, apart from casual riding. Instead, he plans to pursue his dreams of working like a normal person. As a barista.

when I say second-to-last update, I expect a final check-in of the Cobra behind the levers of a La Pavoni restaurant-grade espresso machine at some point. Personally, I hope his competitive drive and cycling experience lead him to a healthier brand of success in his new life. Maybe he can make latte art designs of the people who wronged him. Ettore Torri, anyone? Personally, I love this latte depiction of Pat McQuaid and some of his other friends at the UCI: