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Monday... Is Our Cycling Learning Yet?

Learning is fundamental. Let's not dilly around, time to make the pie higher!

[And yes, that is in honor of Pi Day.]

We learned that Miffy Galloway is human and patient (in addition to fast).

We learned John Lelangue can drive!

We learned that people can argue about sprinters. Not news, actually

We learned that Snickers is one of the preferred foods of up-and-coming stage racers, and their forebears. [And grad students.]

We looked closer at the evolution of the H-Test. Such as it was.

We debated Paris-Nice vs. Tirreno-Adriatico... and then we watched them. A lot.

We found out who's riding the Giro! Good news.

And we said goodbye to two Giro protagonists. Well, more like good riddance.