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Amgen Tour of California Teams

Now with more! The Amgen Tour of Cali announced the nineteen teams who will compete in the race this May. The roster includes nine pro tour teams, four ProConti, and six Continental. Basically, it's all the teams you know. It's been a rough week for UCI rules. The Tour of Cali organizers apparently have chosen not to follow the UCI's rule that it must invite the top teams from the Americas Tour. The race did include the Movistar Continental team from Colombia, who leads the Americas Tour standings, but in the main, the race chose to keep its invitations closer to home. Locals only, man!

And it wouldn't be a press release without a little puffery. Today's purple prose award goes to Brian Nygaard of Leopard Trek:

"The Amgen Tour of California is one of world's greatest showcases for professional cycling full stop. The atmosphere, the fans and the race as such is something truly special and we are very happy to participate with a strong line-up for Leopard Trek," said Brian Nygaard, general manager of Leopard Trek. "It is without a doubt one of our big goals of the season, and we look forward to racing one of the most scenic and attractive races of the season with the highest ambitions."

Greatest showcases! Yes! Really, between the Amgen Tour of Cali and the Quiznos Pro Challenge, the Purple Prose Points Race is heating up. Exciting times ahead!