Sea Otter! Sea Otter! Sea Otter! [A Rant]

There. Now sue me.

Use of the name "Sea Otter Classic" or its logo in the title of any television, video, or online production is strictly prohibited without written permission of Sea Otter Classic INC.

Contemplate the stupidity of this for a moment. Apparently if I don't have time to call the race organizer, I have to write a headline that says "A Certain Race in California" or "[blank blank-er] Classic...". But, believe it or not, it gets worse:

All rights to still photographs taken at the Sea Otter Classic are the property of Sea Otter Classic INC.

Yep, you read that right. You, Mr./Ms. Working Photographer, don't own the rights to your own pictures. For the privilege of a cold hot dog and a cup of coffee, all your work gets signed over to the race. Is there a single photographer in his right mind who would agree to this? We've got one, and his answer is no.

This is my favorite:

A maximum of 300 media passes will be issued

Good luck with that quota! I seriously doubt there are 300 organizations who would agree to accepting credentials that read like a fucking subpoena. The Podium Cafe certainly isn't one. Not that it would be a priority anyway, but I refuse to have any coverage of the race on the site. If anyone posts something about the race, I'll take it down. You know, to protect us from legal exposure.