Milan-San Remo: Risotto Alla Milanese...on Veggin'

She's baaack! My broken arm has healed up pretty good so I'm not a disaster in the kitchen anymore. So, what's a better way to celebrate than to whip up a dish to honor Milan-San Remo?Mg_7006_medium

For this special event, I present to you with Risotto Alla Milanese.

It’s perfect to honor the longest one-day race with a local dish that also takes patience to prepare. Risotto is very simple to make, but you have to add the liquid little by little and wait for the risotto to cook through. Just like Milan-San Remo making risotto can test your endurance (in the kitchen) but the payoff is big.

And, with the history of this dish and of the race, I give you a sneak peak into some exclusive bonus footage of the 2004 Milan-San Remo.

Full recipe and details are on Veggin'.