Vaughters' 10-point plan

OK, there are a lot about Jonathan Vaughters here at the moment. And here's another post, because over at the BBC Vaughters is talking about a "10-point plan to reinvigorate cycling":

1. More races of the highest level outside of Europe.

2. Consistent, understandable formats for cycling fans.

3. Long-term guaranteed entry to the Tour de France for professional teams.

4. More focus on prevention of doping, in the first place, as opposed to catching cheats.

5. More team-time trials more often.

6. Technical innovation, such as cameras on bikes, inside cars, helmets, inside team buses to make the "craziness and danger of the peloton more real to the viewer".

7. Equipment innovation to see if the the smartest team wins sometimes, rather than the strongest.

8. Open radios to the public and listen to your favourite team and what they are doing.

9. GPS tracking of individual riders to make races fun to watch.

10. Have an understandable and consistent way of determining the best rider in the world and the best team in the world. That might mean riders have to ride Paris-Roubaix, and if they do not finish they would be docked points.

Folks, debate away!

And please, read the entire article, there are some other interesting stuff there. Or things that I personally think is crazy:

"My ability to vote on any regulation is essentially nil. The AIGCP is cycling's biggest stakeholder, but has no power to veto new regulations. That is ineffective governance."

Ineffective? I do not think it means what you think it means.

Update: On twitter:

I think I actually said 'vote'... But sometimes my Colorado accent gets in the way. Veto is a step too far. Agreed.