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List Mania!

Over the weekend, Jonathan Vaughters offered a ten-point plan for improving cycling. Dude's on a tear with the improving business these days. Meanwhile, over at Podium Insight, Lyne has a list that adds reforms for women's cycling and for the North American racing circuit. Me, I don't have a list yet. It's far too early in the morning here in Cali for list making. Also, I feeling a bit soggy after this weekend's rain. Hey! Seattle! You can have the jet stream back now! We're totally done with it! But perhaps you lovely people are not so soggy and not so half-awake? And perhaps you've done some list-making of your own?

Update! Check out the Twitter hashy #ourUCI for more talk about these things. Also, Lionel Birnie has written a story for CycleSport.