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Monday March Madness!


Can you sense the theme of the week here?

There was racing. In Flanders. No, not THE race in Flanders, but close enough for now. Results? Redemption for one Belgian, then another. And an ominous warning.

To get us through the experience we assembled a panel of experts. And then put them to work.

We also listed all the top contenders in the classics, in order.

We compared the E3 Prijs and Gent-Wevelgem races. Turns out, it wasn't just for fun.

We had big doings on the women's side, the Trofeo Binda and Holland Hills races, where the SuperMegaRider Emma Vos won everything. And a Power Poll. And VDS results.

Cycling is a sport where people stay in close contact. So of course we had a few encounters: the Honda Dream Team, and Emma Trott, and Jetse Bol.

Oh, and for comic relief, there's always the UCI.

All for now. Big week underway!