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Some Smart Talk from Tejay van Garderen

Tejay van Garderen of HTC-Highroad has a thingy up at CyclingNews where he talks about the race radio debate with some smart stuff about bike racing thrown in for good measure. I do like smart stuff about bike racing. I especially liked this bit about getting into the break:

It's always my biggest pet-peeve when I lose GC hopes and my friends tell me 'you should just go in a breakaway'. They have no idea how hard it is to get into one of those damn things. Then once you're there you need to ride in the wind all day. Getting into breakaways sucks!

Okay! Okay! I promise! I'll never say you should "just go with the break" again, Tejay! Seriously, though, he makes a good point here about the early kilometers of the race. When we get to see them they're stupid cool.

Also, that's twice in one week I've sent you lovely people to CyclingNews. Gah! The world, is it still turning?