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Introducing the Podium Cafe T-Shirt!

Store closes 13 April! Get yours today!


Deets on the flip...

Introducing the fabulously stylish Podium Cafe t-shirt! You know you want one. Or two. Or one for every day of the week. Because you can never have too much style. Or too much Podium Cafe. And who wants to do laundry? I certainly don't! Laundry, so boring, so unstylish.

The shirts are heather grey with orange and blue Cafe graphics. So totally chic! Thanks to Sheri @StudioKiSun for the fab art.

T-shirts come in men's and women's options. Girls, we're so totally on your team. We know you don't want boy cooties. Yuck? Make sure to pick the women's option. Easy. Dudes, you can pick the women's option too, if you really want to, but it might not fit? Like at all? So, you should probably pick the men's option.

Ready to buy? Get your Official Podium Cafe T-shirt for $20. For United States people, the price includes shipping. So awesome!

If ordering from outside the United States, please read the fine print at the bottom of the page. You will need to send an email to to place your order.

Okay! Enough from me! To the Under The Fold! Buy a shirt! All the cool people are doing it!

Important! Order Information for Outside the United States!

Unfortunately, the vast differences in postage to various countries make flat rate international shipping impracticable. International orders are $15 plus whatever actual shipping is for your country. Obvy, we will tell you that amount when you order. Because we're nice that way.

For reasons entirely uninteresting to you, the Google Checkout order system will not automatically process orders for shipping outside of the US. So, please make note of the items you want, and send an email to, specifying 1) the item(s) you want, including size 2) your shipping address, and 3) your preferred method of shipment (US parcel post (slow), US priority mail (not so slow).

One of us will manually calculate the total, including shipping, and send you an "invoice" via email. This invoice will contain a link back to a Google Checkout page that will allow you to pay with a credit card. Please note that Google imposes a 1% surcharge on non-US orders. We're sorry we can't offer a more elegant solution than this, but our infrastructure development funds are currently tied up in a pub in Oudenaarde. So we'll have to make do with cheap manual labour.



To help avoid sizing confusion:  Here are links to sizing charts.  If unsure of your size please measure yourself.  

Click links below:

Ladies      Mens

(1 inch = 2.54 centimetres)