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VDS Smack Thread

Vds2_medium Can I just say that Elvisgoat is dead f(*&^ing last in the Editors' League? Can I say that? Oh, and guess how many points he has. Let's just say it's a number that resembles the first initial of his favorite Spanish sprinter. 0scar Freire.

Ah... I love this time of year. When I can crow about being 77th in the big game, and not mathematically eliminated from the Eds' League.

[For today's full results, go here.]

Incidentally, if you're curious what the league looks like, go here. I offer this not because you should be interested in someone else's fantasy competition, but because this has always been something of a demo project, and now I think we've hit the right formula. We are up to 22 teams -- gotta stop adding editors -- and I think that may be the limit. But we did 12 rounds of drafting, where a player who is picked is unavailable to all other teams, and what we got were some teams that look a lot like real life. Or, what real life would look like if there were a level playing field, rather than a totally free market. No team is too thin, despite the best efforts of some (coughDancough), and no team is at all loaded, at least as things appear now. Things have a way of changing when the rubber hits the road, however.

By the way, you might be interested to know that Elvisgoat is last.* Happy Sunday!

[IIRC Elvisgoat ran away with the first year's trophy. Since then we have been revising the rules to stop him.]