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WVDS Results Week 2

Platypus6inUSA takes over the lead this week from bethie and pushes down Sui Juris one step closer to his rightful place at the bottom of the tables. The Arndt powerhouses still sitting pretty at the top while the teams built around Emma Johansson creep closer to the top as she goes two for two in the one-day races in Belgium with her win on Sunday.

Edit: Apologies for the first incorrect results. I managed to forget that Tielt-Winge was bumped up a category together with the rest of the Lotto Cycling Cup races.

Full results after week 2

1 Rock Wallabinas Platypus6inUSA 843
2 Belle Femme Vélo bethie 823
3 NTWWEDT Sui Juris 713
4 Top Trumpery Pigeons 698
5 ratsastaa kovaa florigoessmann 673
6 Team Smash Shauna Staveley  668
7 520Velo vherself 645
8 Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas Vlaanderen90 635
9 Tearing Tortoises  Creeping Tortoise 628
10 My Girl Cats Name is Mittens Too Pcutter 625