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Virus Issue: What It Is, How You Can Help

Untitled_mediumTwo days ago I passed on an alert regarding virus warnings people have been receiving from the front page of the Podium Cafe and other SBN sites. In sum, the warning is fake and the directions in the warning are attempting to get you to install a virus. Closing the browser -- preferably by force-quit -- makes it go away, and the message pops up only occasionally, and only if you have a browser with no script-blocking functions. But it's still a potential threat and we have had one report of infection, which is one more than I'd ever hoped to have.

What to do and how to help... On the flip:

SBN has isolated the problem but they're still working on fully eradicating it. In that light, they are asking people to send them information if and when they experience the virus warning. Here is what we would greatly appreciate from folks:

  • Above all else, if you are willing and able to enter into a screen share session with the SBN tech team, email them at as soon as possible to set up a time.
  • Take a screen shot of everything abnormal you see.
  • Make a record of the following when you experience the problem, and email this info to Needed info: 
    • What browser/OS are you using?
    • What page were you on?
    • When day did you first see this?
    • How many times have you seen it since?
    • Has it happened on any other sites? Which ones?
    • Did you click on anything after it redirected you to the virus scan screen?

Thank you so much for bearing with us through this. As I said, you're not at any real risk of infection if you've read this and closed out your browser. Also, only a few people are seeing it. But it's still bad. Any info you tech experts want to offer, feel free to email our team. Thanks!