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Race Preview: Redlands Bicycle Classic

Thursday 31st March – Sunday 3rd April

From a look at our coverage so far this season you might think that top level women’s bike racing was a strictly European only thing, but that would be wrong. The US has a pretty strong circuit of its own, and this week sees the first of those races that we put on VDS, the Redlands Bicycle Classic. The women’s race here has been running since 1993 which makes it one of the oldest continuous events around This year there will be four stages, including a short uphill TT prologue and a typical US-style one hour crit.

I could try to write a longer preview for this race, but as I would end up cribbing 99% of it from Lyne’s, why not go there in the first place. Here’s her race preview, an interview with Amber Neben, and because this is in part one of those previews done with the benefit of hindsight, her prologue report and a photo gallery.

For following the race look to the race Twitter, and PodiumInsightLive. We may get some amateur shot video too, but I don’t think there are official, in-race motos.