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RvV: O/T, Predictions, and VDS Smack

Virtual-ds-2_mediumI wouldn't normally do this -- OK, ever -- but this is different. THE RONDE VAN VLAANDEREN STARTS IN 34 HOURS!!! So I am going to predict the entire top ten for Sunday.

1. Boonen; 2. Cancellara; 3. Ballan; 4. Pozzato; 5. Haussler; 6. Sagan; 7. Chainel; 8. Leukemans; 9. Nuyens; 10. Boom.

There. Needless to say, de Klokke Roelands have about half their roster going. And my Eds' league team is relying on the battered carcasses of Stijn Devolder and Edvald Boasson Hagen for the win. Nys.

Light blogging for me from here til the race. Thanks to all for a fantastic week. Next one will be just as awesome. As will Sunday. Cancellara or no, this should be a great, great race.