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Panic in the Streets of Arenberg

Hijacked from the Fanshots, where it was touted for its, um, aesthetic qualities. Methinks, this is a pretty nerve-plucking view of a star in distress. As to whether you should watch (Albertina and tgsgirl), I'll leave it up to you to decide if the aesthetic qualities outweigh the tragic ones:

Am I crazy or are there at least two, maybe three Quick Steppers who zip past Tommeke, right around the 0:57-1:02 mark?? The proliferation of blue-and-white in the peloton may be playing tricks on my eyes, but what QSI rider, besides  Chavanel, has permission to leave Boonen stranded? Of course, maybe it was academic, given the chain problem described in the Techs-Mechs segment below. Anyway, I just thought this was some fascinating video.