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Vanderkitten-Focus Emily Collins 2nd at Otter Stage 2

Podium Cafe Interviews- the worlds best way to guarantee top form leading into races!! Young Kiwi speedster Emily Collins, from Vanderkitten-Focus Women's Cycling, was interviewed on Podium Cafe  last week for the first time. Yesterday afternoon, she sprinted to a fine second place in the uphill finish that marked the end of Stage 2 Sea Otter Classic. With a charging Kristin Armstrong off the front, Emily bested a select group of climbers that included Fenix rider Flavia Oliviera and athletes from Primal-Map My Ride, TIBCO and Peanut Butter and Co TWENTY12.

Here is Emilys second interview on Podium Cafe- a post stage recording of Emily chatting with friend of PdC- Lyne from Podium Insight

Watch the vid here

Meanwhile, for dedicated PdC followers- this is the sort of conversation that you have to deal with when you have two twenty year olds on a team. On the way back to thye team car post podium:

Jazzy: "Shotgun the front seat"

Emily: "Shotgun not middle in the back"

Starla: "Shotgun same"

this leaves Swiss Miss Vanessa Drigo, our most senior rider, garnering middle back seat in the car- the least desirable spot. You have to be quick off the mark on this team!!