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And Then There Was Beer

Cobbles! Last week, we left the cobbles behind, but not without a few backward glances. We watched Tom Boonen get stuck in the Arenberg and wondered what exactly happened. We chatted about Garmin-Cervélo team tactics and about Cancellara's choices. We watched an artsy video. But then, it was time to say good-bye.

On to the Ardennes, we travelled for some more bike racing. Dwingeloo sounds funny in English. Some people made predictions. Marianne Vos won at home in Drenthe, while Philippe Gilbert made it two at the Beer race. Apparently, there was also a race in Spain.

Along the way, some friends came to visit. Pete Stetina introduced us to Comrade. Vanderkitten showed off their super powers, and shared their Sea Otter success. Also, Marian told us why Alison Powers is better than jam on toast. Mmm, jam. I like jam.

Andrew Messick told us about plans for a women's time trial at the Amgen Tour of California, which we initially found controversial. Then came the big announcement, The Women's International Time Trial Challenge, with a very nice $10K prize purse.

Cafester Albertina rode her bike a lot with Horizon Fitness and told us all about it. FMK told us we should keep reading books, this time an autobiography of Vin Denson, gregario to Jacques Anquetil. Because we all need something to do between rides.

Didn't get a t-shirt? Still want one? Go here.

Meanwhile, stuff just keeps happening.