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Monday Monarchy: The Coronation Week That Was

5638654984_5f0115e526_t_mediumWhat'd I miss? I still haven't watched Amstel, though I saw La Fleche when I needed to and caught enough of LBL replayed last night to get the picture. You can gripe about the counter-tactics, or lack thereof -- and had I been in the live threads I would have done so, happily -- but that's like complaining about the Cardinals during the 2004 World Series. Something memorable was underway, something special and unprecedented. So let's just focus on getting Philippe Gilbert in for a live chat later this week. Here's how it went down this past week:


Speaking of dominant cyclists, Marianne Vos was up to her old tricks at La Fleche Wallonne.

Some people actually went for rides, in Georgia no less. Less leisurely, some of the pro ladies went for rides in Italy.

Interviews galore!! Sep VanmarckeEvie Stevens, and author Michael Hutchinson! The latter, he wrote The Hour.

The Giro issued its startlist. Stefano Garzelli in the #1 dossard? Hooookay...

Speaking of May, there was talk of a possible route change for the Tour of Cali.

That's your condensed Monday roundup. On to Romandie!