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Vanderkitten-Focus releases limited edition Table Crayon Art Portfolio

Vanderkitten-Focus, fresh off watching the Spring Classics on Live Streaming, have released images of their highly anticipated limited edition Crayon Art Portfolio, inspired by the shenanigans that only occurs on Podium Cafe.


After a busy afternoon coloring in their nails on the eve of the Redlands Criterium, these determined racers decided that Sea Otter would require a "NEXT LEVEL" type approach to the critical stage of Sea Otter Classic. Given the successes achieved by any interaction with Podium Cafe in the recent past, it was decided that crayon art would be a guaranteed way to assure  glory in the final stage.

So- after much discussion on race tactics and interaction with our awesome dinner hosts from Focus Bikes USA, we came up with some crafty designs only for viewing by Podium Cafe!!!


Jazzy Hurikino initiated proceedings by sketching our team captain, Fearless Fairy Princess JennX



Emily Collins found time to draw Kermit on a bike, along with several other creations...


Maura Kinsella was serious in her efforts, and designed a wonderful mural that future restaurant goers will gaze at in amazement for generations to come...

Well, despite the efforts of our fearless kittens, the crayons just didn't work. Emily Collins lost her fab GC position in a final sprint crash to end up 5th on GC. Vanderkitten-Focus went from being this close to Kristin Armstrong:


-to 5th, a fractured scaphoid and a place for the Champagne Spray to fall... not that we mind a bit of bubbly!


Anyways, Vanderkitten-Focus raced this weekend also and scored more podium time courtesy of Starla Teddergreen and Jazzy Hurikino


We think from now on we need suggestions from Podium Cafe on how to correctly go about the business of pre- race preparation. We've tried nails, we've tried crayons, we've let PdC interview us for luck... we have podiumed every weekend of Spring... but how are we going to get that elusive first in of 2011?

Let us know! till next time, kitty meow!!