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Panel of Temporary Experts: Meet the Podium!!

Congratulations RubesandBabes! Here's a shot of your Panel of Temporary Experts Podium:


Millsy_icon_medium  StevieDex_icon_medium

As it turned out, Rubes got an early escape and made it stick. A three-expert chase group then emerged, consisting of Millsy89, StevieDexter and Edredon Browny, the former two outkicking the latter for the last podium spots. FrenchKheldar, Dan Beringhele, Popup Rolen and KOM Vuelta formed a chase group, but their efforts dissolved in a maelstrom of selfish bickering. As for the rest, the best you can say about them is that they pulled a Jens! "Bears attack Astana" and smoked their way to Paris.

Final Standings:

  1. RubesandBabes, 42 points
  2. Millsy89, 33
  3. StevieDexter, 31
  4. Edredon Browny, 30
  5. FrenchKheldar, 23
  6. Dan Beringhele, 20
  7. Popup Rolen, 19
  8. KOM Vuelta, 18
  9. JSallee, 13
  10. Gavia, 11
  11. Margin Walker, 9
  12. Chris..., 8

Prizes are still in flux, but for sure we will have brand new PdCTees for Millsy and StevieD. Rubes... we'll see if we can up the ante a bit there. The shwagbox is not without its gems at the moment... depending on sizes.

Thanks to all for playing! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and get used to us passing the pen around more. Here at the Cafe, every night is open mic night. [Except when it isn't, or when we need to cut it.]