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Help Preserve the Pavé!

Chris' excellent article about the fine people from Les Amis de Paris-Roubaix, and all the hard work they do preserving the pavé of northern France, got me thinking...


Who loves pavé more than us? Well, besides Les Amis, nobody loves pavé more than us. And who wants to see the pavé preserved more than we do? Same answer. And who has more money than we do? Well, probably most people have more money than we do, or at least more money than I do, but we still have a little money, right! And what better way to show our love of the pavé than to pool our collective pocket change and give some of it over to Les Amis so they can continue to do their work?

So to that end, I have setup a PayPal site exclusively to accept donations for Les Amis that will be pooled and donated on behalf of the Podium Cafe community. The goal here is to reach the "Company" level of €750 so we can get our very own Podium Cafe cobble trophy that will be awarded to the winner of some future VDS cobbles competition.

So if you feel so moved, just click here and follow the directions. My lonely $20 is already in there. Give Andrew Jackson some company.

I will put together a follow up post, and include a "Hall of Fame" thingy thanking contributors by name, so add a comment with you Podium Cafe name to your donation if you want to be recognized. And thanks in advance!

Fine print: PayPal has transaction fees, which apply here. Check out their fine print if you want specifics and go use their forums if you want to beat someone up about it. All money donated, less PayPal transaction fees, will go to Les Amis even if we fail to hit the Company level. Every. Single. Penny. Yes, I'm handling the money and driving the car. And there will be no "ringer" full of my dirty undies. I wouldn't do that to anyone. Also, I am finding that when people donate using a credit card, it sends me an email containing their actual human name. I promise to guard your identity with my life, but if you would rather remain anonymous (or pseudonymous to be more precise), when the man finally comes to my house and decides to beat it out of me, you should probably setup a PayPal account for your PdC handle, which I assume you can do, or else donate directly to Les Amis. Cheers.