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Preserve the Pavé BREAKING NEWS!

We did it people! We have met our goal, and then some! Collectively, we managed to raise a grand total of $1,389.52! Quite a remarkable sum, if I do say so myself. For those of you in the old country, this works out to €962.67, which, it just so happens, is enough for me to purchase a round-trip ticket from San Francisco to Brussels (coach) so I can present the remaining $26.32 to Les Amis in person tomorrow at their annual party at the Roubaix velodrome! Woo hoo!! Roubaix, here I come! Awesome! Totally awesome!... What? Hey, somebody has to deliver the money, right?


Serioulsy, once things calm down next week, as promised, I will gather the funds together, all of the funds, and send them off to Les Amis. And just between you and me, the word around the water cooler is that we may send a certain special envoy to deliver the scratch and collect the trophy. I can't say who, exactly, except to say that it won't be Franky Four Fingers or anyone whose names rhyme with "crude", or "mens", or "drinking", or even "piss" (a bunch of reactionaries). So stay tuned for more.

Now go and make your preparations for the race tomorrow. Here is a handy shopping list to help...

  1. Frites
  2. Beer (preferably Belgian)
  3. Mayo

See you in the live threads!