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Mario Cipollini talks to Podium Cafe (!!!)

I caught up with the Lion King at the start of stage three in Reggio Emilia.

Translation on the flip

Here's the translation:

Me: Mario, what did you think of yesterday's sprint?

Cipo: A very beautiful sprint was done by two very strong athletes.  Certainly, Cavendish was sleeping a little when he didn't go, and hesitated.  And Petacchi anticipated, playing [di mistieri (?)]

Me: And for today?

Cipo: For today, I see Petacchi again.

Me: Petacchi again?

Cipo: Yes.

Me: And, in your opinion, can Rodriguez win the Giro?

Cipo: It is very difficult to win the Giro d"Italia, but certainly he is a racer who is in great condition, and in the big climbs he can do his best.

Me: And a strong team?

Cipo: A very strong team, totally dedicated to him.

Me: And with the help of Cipollini?

Cipo: Well, the help of Cipollini is nothing.  The riders have to do it on their own.

Me: Ok, thanks a lot.

Cipo: Thank you


Susie Hartigan for Podium Cafe