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Giro Stage 12 Preview: Castelfidardo - Ravenna, 184km

Giro-main_small_mediumThis is the sprintiest of sprinter stages, a promenade along the Adriatic with no hills to speak of. None. At. All. The race finishes on the Via Roma, which is usually wide and straight. I would like to add more to this preview but what is there to say? That the GC will be unaffected? That the breakaways will be reeled in? That the RAI cameramen will have all day to spot topless sunbathers on the beach? Because they will.

Stage Battle: If I understand the symbols on the map it's not too turny. In other words, this stage is gamed for Alessandro Petacchi. Obviously Mark Cavendish will have something to say about this. Whether he wins or loses.

Maglia Rosa Matters: Dear god no.

Cue Opera for: You and me. The distant fans. At least the tifosi on hand can go see Dante Alighieri's tomb or eat a panini or something. At home, this stage is calculated to dull our senses, albeit out of consideration for our senses and the stress they will be subjected to for the subsequent nine days or so.

I would attach a map but it's too boring.