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Giro d'Italia Stage 12: Two for Cavendish

Giro-main_small_mediumHTC's Mark Cavendish took advantage of his likely last opportunity for a Giro d'Italia stage win this year.  Despite Cav's showing his usual post-race confidence in the interview, he just beat out an impressive effort by Sky's Apollonio at the line.  Note that Ferrari continues to mix it up at the line.  But tomorrow, the Giro, it goes up.


  1. Mark Cavendish, HTC
  2. Davide Apollonio, Sky, s.t.
  3. Alessandro Petacchi, Lampre, s.t.
  4. Roberto Ferrari, Androni, s.t.
  5. Gerald Ciolek, Quickstep, s.t.
No changes to the GC.  Live thread is here (including a thread wondering who was sporting the PdC kit on Sierra Road yesterday . . .).