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Things People Told Us

Vanderkitten told us how to use crayons.

Lyne told us about the men's teams in the U.S. NRC.

Chris told us we should pay more attention to U25 riders and write about them.

Albertina told us about Gorka Izagirre Insausti. And she spelled it too!

Broerie told us about Sergio Luis Henao Montoya. Is he left-handed?

Fred Marx showed us a bike race in Utah. Which is like telling, but with pictures. Maybe that's cheating, but we don't mind.

Bruce told us about the Giro d'Italia start list. Super duper important!

Chris told us about the UCI's new rider ranking. But we didn't really understand.

FMK told us s'more about the dispute between the teams and the UCI. It's all alphabet soup to us.

GS told us that Omega Pharma and Lotto might be headed for divorce. Who gets to keep the house?

Pigeons told us about bike racing in Luxembourg. Then she showed us a team time trial. At night!

Gav told us about drinking coffee and talking bikes at the Corner Cafe.

Now it's on to Italy for the Giro d'Italia! Viva il Giro!

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