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Viva Il Giro!

Podi-4_mediumHappy Week-Before The Giro! Super happy dance! Really, I thought it would never be May. Chris should be along soon with his annual Viewer's Guide. Meanwhile, Phil is already frothing on the sidebar. We also have a startlist to ponder. Today's news has Brice Feillu replacing Daniele Bennati over at Leopard-Trek. The Giro mountains should suit Feillu, who is the climby Feillu brother (as opposed to the sprinty Romain.) Benna is, meanwhile, at home where according to his Twitter, his wife gave him a bath. What? No photos?! Can't remember why the Giro is cool? Feel free to refer back to last fall's three-parter on the Giro course. I suddenly feel so very pink.