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Eddy Merckx talks to Podium Cafe

Yesterday in San Pellegrino Terme, I ran into Eddy Merckx in the cafe outside the stage headquarters, and he graciously agreed to answer a few questions.  Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to hear what Eddy says, since the cafe was playing some cheesy music, and Eddy speaks very quickly.

On the plus side, every stupid thing I said comes through loud and clear.  (Lowlight: Eddy says he remembers the 1968 Giro because it was his first grand tour win, but says the 1969 Tour was the best memory of his career, and then I ask if that's because the "69 Tour was his first grand tour win.  Ugh!  First Tour de France win, I meant to say).  Ah well, if I deep sixed every interview in which I sound stupid, I wouldn't be able to post any interviews at all ;-)