UCI Working Group for Women's racing

A couple of days ago (as in I'm not sure exactly - this report from Tuttobici doesn't make it clear), the first meeting of the new UCI working group, of which we've heard but vague rumours up to now, took place. There's no news yet of what they talked about, but at least we know now who's doing the talking. The members, should you want to do some quiet lobbying of your own:


Marc Chovelon, Coordinator of the UCI Road Commission, and presumably of this group too.

Mario Minervino, Organiser of the Trofeo Binda.

Judith Arndt, HTC.

Ronny Lauke, HTC DS

The Director General of KBWB - Royale Ligue Vélocipédique Belge. (No name given -pick the most likely)


We have a rough idea of what was on the agenda:-

the UCI 2012 calendar

How UCI points get awarded

TV coverage of the World Cup

Qualification criteria for the 2012 Worlds and London Olympics

 Women's cycling in general

Creation of an Athlete's Commission


They plan to meet again "several times" this season. You can Google Gnome the full press release here if you want to read it with a photo of Emma Pooley, or here if you prefer it without.